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Spring Training Report: Day 5

Baseball doesn't rest for the Christian Sabath

  • Again this morning, I went to the Indians minor league fields. I didn't watch much of the players, but tried to catch up on some writing.
  • I watched Reds and Indians. For good Royals news, Justin Masterson pitched like Luke Hochevar does in the 5th inning with 2 runners on base and Frank Yost is seeing if he can work through it. His pitch speed stood around 88 to 91 and the stinker had no downward action.
  • Another unimpressive outing was thrown by the Indians #5 prospect by Baseball America, Cody Allen. He had a 95+ mph fastball. He threw his fastball straight and high in the zone. If didn't happen to know, pitchers who throw high straight fastball don't last in the league. In his one inning pitched, he struck out 2 batters, but also gave up 2 home runs. He reminded me of Farnsworth when he was with the Royals if Allen wasn't both shorter and fatter.
  • Today was the first day to test out my new toy tool, a Pocket Radar. I like a couple features of this radar gun compared to the standard, its size and cost. It is small (size of a an over stuffed wallet) and costs at least half (~$200) of other radar guns. For these features, a couple of trade-offs exists. First, it requires the user to be more active. I just takes a quick user initiate small image, so the button needs to be pushed just before the pitcher releases the ball. Second, its range maxes out at 120 ft on a good day. I got excellent results from about 100 ft (see below). Tomorrow, I give it a whirl in the Surprise back fields.


  • I am finally off to cover Royals in depth tomorrow.