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Spring Training Report: Day 6

Finally, almost all Royals information

I spent some where around 10 hours at the surprise complex today. I recorded quite a bit of video footage. It is not all coming out tonight or even in the near future. Just too much. I am going to try to cut and dice the data together for each player. Here is some video of Cheslor Cuthbert taking batting practice:

  • In the minor league fields I spotted ex-Royals George Brett, Willie Wilson, John Mayberry, Dennis Leonard, John Wathan and Joe Randa. For Texas, I saw Ivan Rodriquez in the back fields and Nolan Ryan at the game.
  • Bubba Starling is doing no spring training interviews in order to concentrate on his game.
  • Matt Fields is the biggest Royal easily from what I saw. He measures in at 6'4" and 256 lbs.
  • Adalberto Mondesi looks great at infield fielding practice.
  • Cameron Gallager stood out as the best player today. He hit a batting practice home run off the practice field score board above the 365 ft sign. Hit another home run during a minor league game. Just really looked great out there. I am going to try to look at his blocking/game calling tomorrow.
  • The pitchers on the back fields were the #6 starters. The #1 guys, including Zimmer, will pitch tomorrow.


  • In the major league game, the team was in mid-season in the first inning. They a bunt pop-up, were caught stealing, nearly overthrew first base from 20 feet away and gave up an infield hit to THE Lance Berkman.
  • Ervin Santana got rocked. His pitches seemed to have some speed and movement on them. It wasn't enough.
  • Hopefully, I will get to some interviews tomorrow and take in more from the back fields. The grit master himself, Lee Judge, may join me.
  • Finally, gotta love the high numbers in spring training games.