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Cactus League Game 26 Open Thread - Rockies vs. Royals

Rockies vs. Royals. The Battle for Colby, Kansas begins NOW.


The clubhouse is less confusing now after the Royals made their round of cuts today. All that is left are the big names - Francisely Bueno. George Sherrill. Xavier Nady. These are the guys that could truly head up north and play in Royals blue. Are you as excited as I am?

Other notes:

MLB is considering screwing over small market clubs even more.

Fernando Rodney holding a plaintain. Because, potassium.

Phillies trade a pitcher for absolutely nothing. Remember that time we acquired Jason LaRue for a buck? Good times.

Hey, its Enrico Palazzo!

Ned Yost proudly presents: Your Royals Lineup:

LF Alex Gordon

SS Alcides Escobar

1B Eric Hosmer

DH Billy Butler

3B Mike Moustakas

C Salvador Perez

CF Lorenzo Cain

RF Jeff Franceour

2B Chris Getz

P Jeremy Guthrie/Aaron Crow/Greg Holland/Francisely Bueno/Dan Wheeler

These lineups are getting more serious. Time to turn it up a notch. Did you come to play?