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Cactus League Game 30 Open Thread

Seven games left until meaningful baseball.


The Kansas City Royals continue to play better than everyone else in baseball during Spring Training, and barring a breakdown the last week, they should bring home the Cactus League Pennant.

Of course, it doesn't really matter much either way if the Royals win or lose out from here. I'm sure there is an argument to be made about performing well the last week of spring training because more of the team's best players are receiving more playing time, but ultimately it's still fairly futile to judge a week's worth of games when the team's number one goal is not winning.

Overall, the Royals should be pleased about how Spring Training has gone because nobody has gotten hurt yet (knocking on all the wood in my house). Wade Davis had some shoulder issues that might be scary later, and Eric Hosmer is nursing a slight injury, but last year the team lost Salvador Perez during Spring Training. Kansas City has managed to avoid that type of injury thus far, and that speaks better about the season than the team's 20-6 record.

The team will play the Chicago White Sox this afternoon, if you are into that sorta thing. Jeremy Guthrie is the starting pitcher, and Xavier Nady is the designated hitter for some reason. Kelvin Herrera, Aaron Crow, Francisley Bueno and Donnie Joseph are all scheduled to throw.

I hope everybody survived the week without our fearless leader Craig Brown. He will be returning this week to fix everything that we screwed up while he was on a week-long bender.