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Cactus League Game 32 Open Thread

It's all but over and the Royals can pretty much wrap up the coveted Cactus League Crown by bashing their bitter rivals from the Pacific Northwest this afternoon.


Kansas City versus Seattle, the battle never ends, today at 3:05. The game is on radio only, but don't despair as tomorrow night's game will once more be on Fox Sports Kansas City.

The lineup:

Dyson LF

Escobar SS

Butler DH

Hosmer 1B

Cain CF

Francoeur RF

Tejada 3B

Getz 2B

Hayes C

Pitching today is Sugar Ray Marimon (if you say that like a boxing ring announcer it sounds way cooler) who was summoned from the minor league camp to replace Bruce Chen. You know how you summon a guy from minor league camp? You yell at him across the sidewalk.

Lip service is being given to a battle for the second utility spot between Miguel Tejada and Irving Falu, but that's all it is: Tejada has the job.

As always, the final spot in the bullpen is up for grabs. Pretty sure every team in the majors, good or bad, leaves this as their very last decision. Also, this is the guy usually sent out first as teams get over the idea of losing their seventh reliever and decide to call up the young guy who can, you know, get people out. That's not a knock on the Royals individually, most teams seem to do it.

Truthfully, you have one thing to watch for the rest of this week: George Kotteras versus Brett Hayes. Two men enter, one man leaves.