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Vegas Odds: Royals Overs and Unders

How many home runs will Billy Butler hit? How many wins will James Shields have? How many mustard bottles will Rex Hudler desecrate? Vegas lays the odds.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Las Vegas, more specifically, Bovada has released some individual player performance over/unders for the 2013 season. They already released the over/under on the team win total at 78.5. Let's take a look at some individual Royals performances.


Billy Butler batting average for the year: .300

Billy has done this in three of his last four MLB seasons, and hit .291 in the other. Seems like a decent bet for the over.

Billy Butler total home runs for the year: 24.5

Only once has Billy reached that number, and that was last year, when he hung dong 29 times. Previous to that, he had only hit 21 homers in a year. Is last year's power surge for real? I'm guessing he regresses, but 25-26 seems like a good bet. I'll take the over.

Billy Butler total RBI for the year: 104.5

Last year was Billy's first 100 RBI season, with 107. He probably wasn't clutch before, right? Seeing as how this stat will depend largely on who is hitting in front of him and how they fare, its a bit harder to predict. Gordon seems like a decent bet to get on base, but what about Escobar? Was his offensive surge last year for real? Too many variables to count on, so I'll take the under here.

Alex Gordon total home runs for the year: 19.5

Alex has only eclipsed this number once, in 2011 when he smacked 23 home runs. With the Seitz Effect last year, his power numbers dipped to just 14 round-trippers. Will he go back to driving the ball? Or will he continue to go opposite field? Gordon definitely has 20 home run potential, but I'm not entirely convinced the organization wants him to go for the fences at the expense of his batting average. I'll take the under begrudgingly.

Eric Hosmer batting average for the year: .275

This really could be anywhere. I can see Hos hitting .320, I can see him hitting .220. Let's be optimistic and say he returns to form. Over.

Eric Hosmer total home runs for the year: 23.5

Hos hit 19 his rookie year, just 14 last year. 24 seems like a lot, and I bet the team is going to concentrate on just making good contact, driving the ball, and not trying to hit home runs. I'll say under.

Eric Hosmer total RBIs for the year: 75.5

Over. He'll get every opportunity to hit in the middle of the lineup. Sheer playing time will ensure he gets pretty close to this number if not wildly surpass it.

Jeff Francoeur total home runs for the year: 17.5.

Frenchy has only eclipsed this total once since 2007. Under.

Mike Moustakas total home runs for the year: 24.5

That seems like a lot. I really felt like Moose was exposed the last half of the year, especially against lefties. I've never been that high on Moose. I know some think he has 40 home run potential, but 25 would surprise me. Under.

James Shields total wins for the year: 14

No Royals pitcher has won that many games in a year since Zack's Cy Young year in 2009. James has won at least 14 games in each of the past two years, the only two years of his career he has done so. I think he barely gets over this mark.

Ervin Santana total wins for the year: 11.5

I'm not sure I'd take the over if it was "Ervin Santana Games Started For the Year." Under.

Where are you putting your money?