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Cactus League Game 36 Open Thread

We are the champions! We are the champions! No time for losers, 'cause we are the champions!

Christian Petersen

Once final time, with feeling...The final lineup of the spring:

Alex Gordon - 7
Alcides Escobar - 6
Billy Butler - DH
Mike Moustakas - 5
Salvador Perez - 2
Lorenzo Cain - 8
Jeff Francoeur - 9
Miguel Tejada - 3
Chris Getz - 4

Jeremy Guthrie - 1

The whole Miguel Tejada thing has flown under my radar. Denial? Probably. I just don't understand. But there are a lot of things I don't understand. Like Cadbury Eggs. It's not like it's a surprise he made the club. Stuff like that is preordained. And on the list of Dayton Moore's Top 10 Dumb Roster Moves, it might only qualify as an honorable mention.

And I can't believe we needed 36 spring training games. Thirty. Six. Good grief.

We've had our little spring training here, too. The next game thread will be for real.