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Cactus League - Game 10 Open Thread


Start number two.
Start number two.

I would say we can throw out the records when the Royals and the Reds match up, but I like the Royals record, so it would be a shame to cast it aside.

The good news from yesterday was Eric Hosmer's 3-3 performance with a pair of doubles and a home run. The even better news was all three hits were to the opposite field.

The lineup:
Alex Gordon - LF
Alcides Escobar - SS
Eric Hosmer - 1B
Mike Moustakas - 3B
Jeff Francoeur - RF
Lorenzo Cain - CF
Max Ramirez - DH
George Kottaras - C
Chris Getz - 2B

Wade Davis - SP

Other pitchers scheduled to appear:
Yordano Ventura
Justin Marks
Nate Adcock
Blaine Boyer
J.C. Gutierrez
Chris Dwyer

With everyone gone for the WBC, expect the battle for backup catcher to kick into high gear. Kottaras gets the start today and I imagine Hayes will start the next game. Both are looking good in the early going at the plate.

The Royals are off tomorrow. Which is a shame. Because when you're tearing through the opposition, you don't want - or need - a day of rest.