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Royals Review 2013 Season Predictions

And you can call your shot, too.

Can the Royals sneak up on the American League in 2013?
Can the Royals sneak up on the American League in 2013?
Jonathan Daniel

It is not an April Fools joke, after a marathon exhibition season, Monday April 1st is finally, thankfully OPENING DAY.

Emerging from basements throughout America, the Royals Review consortium offer their predictions for the new season. Agree, disagree and offer your own. Whomever comes closest on their predictions wins a Ryan Shealy jersey.

Relevant notes to the below predictions:

Old Man Duggan noted that he picked James Shields as Royals' pitcher of the year 'only be default'.

I stole the American League RoY idea from Connor and picked Mike Moustakas just to be different (I enjoyed the benefit of seeing most of the predictions before doing my own). I think there is a chance that Moustakas approaches or breaks the team home run record and, if he does, he will win Player of the Year even if he does hit .234.

By and large, it would appear that this would be a good year to be a baseball fan in Los Angeles.

Craig Brown Old Man Duggan Clark Fosler I'm Not That Bright Connor Moylan Royals Retro Jeff Zimmerman
KC Win Total 79 78 85 80 83 82 75
AL Central Order of Finish Det,Cle,KC,Chi,Min Det,Chi,Cle,KC,Min Det,KC,Chi,Cle,Min Det,Cle,KC,Chi,Min Det,Chi,KC,Cle,Min Det,KC,Cle,Chi,Min Det,Chi,KC,Cle,Min
KC Player of the Year Salvador Perez Alex Gordon Mike Moustakas Alex Gordon Alex Gordon Alex Gordon Salvador Perez
KC Pitcher of the Year James Shields James Shields James Shields James Shields James Shields James Shields Jeremy Guthrie
AL East Winner Tampa Tampa Tampa Tampa Tampa Tampa Tampa
AL West Winner Texas Texas LAA LAA LAA LAA Texas
AL Wild Card LAA over Boston LAA over Toronto Toronto over Oakland Toronto over Texas Texas over Toronto Toronto over Texas LAA over New York
AL MVP Evan Longoria Jose Bautista Albert Pujols Albert Pujols Robinson Cano Mike Trout Prince Fielder
AL Cy Young Felix Hernandez David Price Felix Hernandez David Price David Price David Price Yu Darvish
AL Rookie of the Year Wil Myers Jurickson Profar Jackie Bradley Jr. Wil Myers Jackie Bradley Jr. Aaron Hicks Wil Myers
NL East Winner Washington Washington Atlanta Washington Washington Washington Washington
NL Central Winner Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati St. Louis Cincinnati Cincinnati St. Louis
NL West Winner San Francisco Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles San Francisco
NL Wild Card Atlanta over LA San Francisco over St. Louis Washington over San Francisco Atlanta over Cincinnati St. Louis over San Francisco St. Louis over Atlanta Atlanta over Los Angeles
NL MVP Andrew McCutchen Joey Votto Buster Posey Bryce Harper Joey Votto Adrian Gonzalez Ryan Zimmerman
NL Cy Young Stephen Strasburg Clayton Kershaw Clayton Kershaw Stephen Strasburg Matt Cain Stephen Strasburg Jordan Zimmerman
NL Rookie of the Year Shelby Miller Zack Wheeler Travis d'Arnaud Jedd Gyorko Julio Teheran Shelby Miller Shelby Miller
World Series Detroit over Washington Tampa over Cincinnati Washington over LAA Tampa over St. Louis Washington over Tampa Washington over Detroit

Texas over Washington