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Game 11 Open Thread - Toronto Blue Jays vs. Kansas City Royals

No snark about the quality of pitching today. This should be a good one.

Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer is sitting out of the lineup for the second straight game with a sore right quadriceps muscle, our favorite beat reporter tells us. Thankfully, Billy Butler will be manning first base today instead of Miguel Tejada. Lorenzo Cain moved to the designated hitter spot, with Jarrod Dyson manning centerfield.

I like letting Dutton do the heavy-lifting around here, so here is the full lineup:

Ned Yost said earlier that he doesn't see an opportunity for George Kottaras to crack the lineup this weekend, but today's game seems like a perfect opportunity. Kottaras is a quality left-handed bat, and would be more useful against R.A. Dickey than Jeff Francoeur. Put Kottaras in as the DH, and put Lorenzo Cain in right field. That should upgrade the team on offense and defense.

That does leave nobody on the bench who could replace Salvador Perez if he is hurt, but Yost played Perez and Brayan Pena at the same time last season. On the off chance that Perez is seriously hurt enough that he needs to be removed from the game, there will be far bigger worries about Kotarras replacing him at the catcher spot and losing the designated hitter for a few at-bats.

It's a minor complaint, but it seems like a waste to have a quality bat like Kottaras on the bench, only to never use him.

Song of the Day: Soilwork - Nerve

Swedish melodic death metal band Soilwork will be at the Riot Room in Kansas City tonight. Since these bands don't make too many pit stops in KC, I am contractually obligated to attend the concert.

Old Man Duggan will be taking care of all your wants and needs tonight. Treat him with the grace and respect that you normally do, or something.