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Game 12 Open Thread - Toronto Blue Jays vs. Kansas City Royals

Let's win this one for America.

Ed Zurga

Kansas City Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas is sitting today against a right-handed pitcher Brandon Morrow. Elliot Johnson is replacing him in the lineup. Moustakas has really struggled this season, so Ned is likely giving him a day-off to clear his head.

Jeff Francoeur is also sitting, with Jarrod Dyson taking his spot in the lineup. This is a much more understandable move, as Frenchy seemed likely to earn a golden sombrero today if he faced Morrow.

Pine Tar Press writer David Lesky brings us the lineup this afternoon:

Kansas City came into this series full of optimism, but a third straight loss would undo a lot of that goodwill and leave people feeling frustrated. A win today would calm a lot of nerves.

Song of the Day: Jeff Loomis - Shouting Fire at a Funeral

One of the openers last night for the concert I attended was an instrumental metal band. While I have seen instrumental bands in concert before (Caspian, Explosions in the Sky), it was my first time seeing a metal band with no singer.

In some ways it's nice seeing a bad without a singer. It is generally the lead singers role to amp up the crowd, but many can take the their role too far, distracting from the music in an attempt to control the crowd. The instrumental bands seem to care much more about the quality of music when they perform, which leads to impressive sounding set lists.