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Wade Davis and Bullpen Dominate Braves for 1-0 Win

It was Doug Eddings game.

Scott Cunningham

OK, here you go:

  • 11 Strikeouts
  • 0 Walks
  • 6 Hits
  • 0 HR

That, along with a run scored, is how a team wins a game.

The key to the game was the huge strike zone of home plate umpire Doug Eddings. Here is his strike zone compared to the league average strike zone. The scale is difference in percentage chance a pitch is called a strike. In some cases, he is 40% points more likely to call strike.

Left Handed Hitters


Right Handed Hitters


With an umpire like Eddings, you end up with a 1-0 game over in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Hacker of the game: Chris Getz with 9 pitches seen in 3 plate appearances.