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Off Day Thread

Because sometimes there just is not anything to say.

Take a walk, it's an off-day.
Take a walk, it's an off-day.
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Did you ever have that feeling that you are forgetting something? That lingering, nagging, something in the back of your mind that told you that you were supposed to do something or be somewhere?

I had that most of today. That something turned out to be an afternoon column for Royals Review. There goes my reputation around the gleaming RR skyscraper.

Anyway, the Royals find themselves sitting through their third day off in an eight day stretch. Given what transpired in Boston on Monday and that Kansas City's hotel is right in the midst of the scene, it has to be a pretty odd feeling free day.

There are better places and certainly better people to write about all of that than here and me, so let's open it up for a some light-hearted off-day discussion. Not necessarily your standard OT thread as my questions will pertain to baseball.

1. The Royals are 8-6, one game back of Detroit. If the playoffs were today, Kansas City would be percentage points out of the second wild-card spot. Ignoring what the record might be (or the likelihood of it happening), if the Royals were to remain in a similar position in the standings, on what day would you start to really believe the Royals have a chance?

2. It is July 25th and the Royals should make real moves to bolster the team yet this year, if they are X number of games within a playoff spot. Solve for X.

3. Name the player that, as a Royal, disappointed you the most.

4. I'm not a huge fan of forcing a tradition and certainly don't much care for Garth Brooks in the bottom of the sixth inning, but you are given the power to change which song is played. Which one and why?

5. Mike Moustakas continues to pop out. When do you panic? When do you send him down? They don't have to be the same day.

6. The Royals have three games at Boston, three at Detroit and then come home for four with Cleveland and play the first game of series against Tampa on April 30th. Their record on the morning of May 1st is?