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Jared King - Kansas State - MLB Draft Prospect

KC area amateur talent.

Jeff Zimmerman

Jared King - Kansas State - CF - JR

Bats: Both, Throws: Left

5th Ranked Draft Prospect from Big 12 by Baseball America

57th Overall Draft Prospect from MLB Prospect Guide

From the right side, his stance and swing have a couple of issues. First, he has a stance a little wider than ideal. He does keep his back shoulder up and back. From the left side, he shoulder is starts down and he is back a little further in the batter box. Overall, his swing was a bit long, slow and inconsistent.

He expanded his strike zone quite a bit. He made weak contact with the wide zone.

From the right side, he was able to drive a 80 mph fastball over 380 ft for a home run in a first plate appearance. Even though it was the only ball he was able to hit out of the infield, it definitely showed his power potential. So far this season he has hit .357/.443/.587 with 5 HRs

I timed him at 4.18 from home to 1B from the left side of the plate.

He had limited chances in the outfield during the game I watched to show off his defense. He is a little bulky and will probably have to move to one of the corner outfield positions.

He seemed a little lazy on defense. He put in little effort to back up his team mates in the infield and outfield. On one play, both of the corner outfielders were in the infield at the end of the play and he hadn't moved. There was a cold cross wind blowing and he barely put in any effort to back of the other outfielders.

Ross Kivet - Kansas State - 2B - JR

Bats - Right, Throws - Right

He showed little at the plate. He showed great range and glove at 2B by making an over the back catch in foul territory.

Albert Minnis - Kansas State - LHP - JR

Minnis was highly ranked in the preseason on several draft websites. The first couple times I saw him pitch, he was maxing out at 84 mph with little movement. On the 16th, he was topping out at 92 mph and his fastball exhibited a great late tailing action. He was not able to throw his change and curve for strikes, but got hitters to chase them

Cale Elam - Wichita State - RHP

Elam was NCAA's pitcher of the week after throwing a complete game 5-hitter against Bradley. I have seen Elam throw a couple of times this season and nothing has really stood out with him. He has probably maxed his potential with a 90 mph fastball and mediocre breaking pitches. I will probably see him again and take a closer look, but don't read to much into the pitcher of the week award.