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Royal Minor Leaguers Taking Swings

A 4-pack for Tuesday.

Christian Petersen

Here are some video's I shot of Bubba Starling, Elier Hernandez, Cameron Gallager and Adalberto Mondesi while at spring training along with a few observations.

The ranking is weighted organization ranking Craig created a while back with Myers and Odorizzi removed.

Bubba Starling (#2 Royals Prospect)

Starling looks great, except when he swings the bat. He has such a long, slow swing. It seems better than the 2nd video shot last year.


Cameron Gallagher (#15)

Gallagher impressed me the best of any of the hitters on the two A-ball teams. Nice power and contact skills. I watch him behind the plate. Nothing great or horrible stood out.

Alalberto Mondesi (#4)

I could never guess what side the switch hitter was going to stand on.

My amateur video skills

Bullpen Banter's Steve Fiorindo video of the same day at spring training.

Elier Hernandez (#17)

I didn't get a good read on him at all. Good speed and look OK in the field.