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Game 16 Open Thread - Royals vs. Red Sox

Let's hope nobody let Neil Diamond into Fenway today.

Jim Rogash

The lineup for the first game today is the exact same lineup that the Kansas City Royals used yesterday. Take it away, David:

Only three hitters in the Royals everyday lineup are currently hitting above league-average: Alex Gordon, Billy Butler and Lorenzo Cain. Salvador Perez is hitting 31 percent below-average. Eric Hosmer is hitting 32 percent below-average. Mike Moustakas is hitting 81 percent below-average.

There should be no reason to panic yet, but anytime the team's young high-ceiling hitters wanted to start hitting, nobody would complain.

Jeff Francoeur, Chris Getz and Perez have drawn a combined two walks in 167 plate appearances.

Song of the Day: Johnny Cash - Man in Black

One of my personal favorite Cash songs and one that seems particular fitting given the tragedies in Boston, West (TX) and Sichuan, China. The Boston bombing received an understandable amount of media coverage, but I now find myself more interested in the fertilizer plant story, especially since it seems the loss of life was more preventable.

There is also a hunger strike going on in Guantanamo Bay, multiple bombs killed civilians in Iraq this week, and North Korea continues to make the rest of the world nervous with it's posturing. I also don't think there is anything particularly unique about this week globally, the bad news simply struck closer to home this time.

So yeah, baseball is awesome and we're all lucky to be able to enjoy it.