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Game 17 Open Thread - Royals vs. Red Sox

I hope you already told your spouse that your entire day was spoken for.

Jim Rogash

George Kottaras is making his first start of the season tonight, and will be appearing in a game for the second straight day. I hope he doesn't start to think that this is normal or anything and let this get to his head.

Elliot Johnson is replacing Chris Getz in the lineup, but the rest of the lineup looks the same. Señor Dutton brings us tonight's lineup:

Boston Red Sox starter Allen Webster is a rookie making his debut. If you want to learn more information about the 23 year-old, read the double-header preview from this morning.

Double-headers are awesome. Let's cheer for the Royals to sweep the day and win the series.

Bonus Song of the Day: Massive Attack - A Prayer for England

We're sticking with the relatively somber mood despite the Royals victory. Even though 100th Window is not a great album overall, especially compared to Massive Attack's first three albums, I really like this song.