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A Big Game for Big Game James (Possibly Delayed)

This why Wil Myers is no longer with the organization.

Shields is even bigger than Perez
Shields is even bigger than Perez
Ed Zurga

The Royals got James Shields to be their #1 starter. He is now going against the best pitcher in the division, league, hell the whole damn universe, Justin "I am Minda's Flame" Verlander.

AL Central Standings

Kansas City 10 8 .555 0 Lost 1
Minnesota 9 8 .529 0.5 Lost 1
Detroit 10 9 .526 0.5 Won 1
Cleveland 8 11 .421 2.5 Lost 1
Chicago 8 12 .400 3 Won 1

(updated 4.25.2013 at 10:32 AM CDT)

If the Royals lose, they fall out of 1st place. Did I mention this is a BIG early season game? This game is go important, Fox are keeping the camera's in Detroit for an afternoon game. Think of the TV having to spend more time in Detroit. Such sacrifice.

Besides Big Game, here are the other warriors the Royals are sending into battle today from the great Bob Dutton:

Besides Shields, the Royals have a couple other leaders to send out their today.

Francoeur is normally the leader, but he is trailing Pedro Alverez in swing strike percentage 19.6% to 19.9%. We know he can do better.

The real leader is Mike Moustakas who has a 62.7% FB%. It is 5% points better than the next player. The team can't bench or demote him with such leadership.

It is getting close to the start of this big, Big, BIG, BIG,


BIG Game.

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