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Game 21 Open Thread - Cleveland vs. Kansas City

Justin Masterson vs. Jeremy Guthrie

Jamie Squire
I haven't seen the lineup, as I'm writing this before the either's team's starting nine has been announced. So I would like to congratulate (or boo) Ned Yes for correctly playing George Kottaras and Jarrod Dyson during the first game against Justin Masterson (or not).

Terry Francona used five of his team's pitchers in one inning yesterday, which was a questionable move given that the team's will play two games today. Of course, none of the Indians' pitchers threw very many pitches, so they all should be available today. Still, Francona would be wise to not transform into Tony LaRussa this afternoon.

Song of the Day: The Black Keys - Howlin' For You

The Black Keys will be playing at the Sprint Center tonight with the Flaming Lips. I've personally never seen the Black Keys perform live, but by all accounts they are very good. I hope anybody who attends the concert tonight instead of watching game two of the doubleheader enjoys themselves.