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Wahoos Beat Up On The Fresh Prince and Friends In Route to 10-3 Win

The Fresh Prince's friends couldn't help him much.

Ed Zurga

If if one Royals player has an ugly performance, the rest might as well be good teammates and join in. All facets of the team just decided to mail it in tonight. No defense, no offence, and no pitching. Pretty shitty overall.


  • Will Smith lasted 4 innings giving up 7 runs (4 earned). The damage was done by 7 hits including a Mike Aviles home run.
  • Chen and Gutierrez didn't stop the scoring. Each gave up 2 runs.
  • The defense didn't help. The entire infield, besides Escobar, had an error. Moose's 5th error puts in 3rd place for the league's error lead.
  • Besides dropping a fairly easy foul ball, Hosmer had a block headed base running gaff. Somehow he thought could tag up and make it to 2B on a fly ball to the outfield. He failed. Rally killed
  • The lineup generated 3 runs on 8 hits and couple walks. Eight strikeouts to two walks.
  • Moose managed to hit an extra base it. He was able to raise his average from .152 to .169.
  • Hacker of the game: Hosmer saw 11 pitches in 4 PA.