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Does James Shields Have a "Devil Rays" Mentality?

Shields' former teammate Evan Longoria calls out Big Game James.


Rays star third baseman Evan Longoria had some positive things to say about his team as they opened up a season with many considering them a contender to win the American League East and even the American League pennant. Not content to just talk up his current teammates, Longoria had some interesting things to say about some of his recently departed teammates.

"There was a lot of history with B.J. and Shields in this organization, and I think there were some things that were tough for them to get beyond," Longoria said. "They were really the only ones that were left in here that were here before the Rays were in 2008 when we started to be the team that we are now. I think some of those things kind of stuck around, and as much as you try to instill the new way, some of those things, it was tough to get some of those thoughts out of their head.

"And so, I think, obviously they were great players, but as far as an overarching belief in what we try to do here, I think with the new people that we have now, it’s a completely new belief in what we’re trying to do here. I don’t know if that came out the right way. I’m not trying to be negative in any way, obviously, but I think with the personalities that we brought in, we really from Day One in spring training, were all on this same page, and same belief that now Tampa Bay is a destination where as before it wasn’t really."

Did Dayton Moore acquire a pitcher with a LOSING MENTALITY? Shields' numbers speak for themselves. For all the talk about being "Big Game James", Shields has 2-4 record with a 4.98 ERA in six postseason starts. Compare that to someone like Luke Hochevar who has never given up a run ever in postseason play. Ever!

Kidding aside, its curious that Longoria would seemingly throw his former teammates under the bus like this. B.J. Upton you can kind of understand seeing as he had attitude issues in Tampa Bay, but everyone's opinion about James Shields seems to be exemplary. I mean he's a gamer!