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Game 3 Preview: Minor League Kickoff Day

Guthrie vs. Floyd



Jeremy Guthrie vs. Gavin Floyd

Lineup via Dutton:

Dyson sighting.

I have been stuck with the Thursday games this season. For my previews, I am going to look at scout-ish information for the major and minor league clubs. Stuff will probably be a little boring, but hopefully a little useful.

Velocity values (mph):

Shields (Kings of Kauffman go into detail on Shields first start)
2011: 90.9
2012: 92.0
2013: 92.8

Arron Crow
2011: 94.9
2012: 94.4
2013: 93.7

Kelvin Herrera
2011: 96.2
2012: 97.4
2013: 97.8

He is throwing faster. Nice.

Juan Gutierrez
2010: 94.8
2011: 94.1
2013: 94.7

Luke Hochevar
2011: 92.7
2012: 92.6
2013: 94.5

Luke is seeing a normal SP to RP velocity jump.

Santana (detail look at first start)
2011: 92.7
2012: 91.7
2013: 90.1

Some 1B speeds (time in seconds)

2012: 4.4
2013 (4/1, 7th inning): 4.4

He seems to have not lost or gained a step this off season.

2012: 4.5
2013: (4/3, 6th inning, 8th inning): 4.8, 4.7

Remember, Perez is slower than Frenchy.


Minor league games start this evening with the Omaha Chaser and NWA Naturals being shown on

Probable starters:
Omaha: Will Smith
NW Arkansas: Noel Arguelles
Willington: TBD
Lexington: Brickhouse

Notable prospects on each team

Will Smith
Donnie Joseph
Chris Dwyer
Christian Colon

NW Arkansas
Yordano Ventera
Jason Adam
Edwin Carl !!!!!!
Brett Eibner

Robinson Yambati
Same Selman
Kyle Smith
Kyle Zimmerman
Cheslor Cuthbert
JOrge Bonifacio

Bryan Brickhouse
Miguel Almonte
Cameron Gallager
Adalberto Mondesi
Bubba Starling

A quick video of Brett Eibner during spring training