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Royals Assert American League Dominance; Embarass Phillies 13-4

Wade Davis is shaky, but the Royals offense gets kickstarted with thirteen runs against a weakly National League club.


Haha, boy those National Leaguers sure taught us a thing or two about authentic baseball. The Royals waltzed into Philadelphia and dropped runs down from the sky like rain.Why bunt when you can drop THIRTEEN RUNS OF KNOWLEDGE ON YOUR SENIOR CIRCUIT!

Sure it was a shaky start. Wade Davis struggled mightily with command (although surprisingly he didn't walk anyone, and Royals starters have a 25-2 strikeout-to-walk ratio in four games) and left two fat pitches over the plate to be slammed over the fence by Dominic Brown and something called an "Erikratz". Davis was quite Hochevaresque and left the game down 4-0 after just four innings.

But the Royals battled back because they are gamers. Hosmer had a nice two-run single in the fifth, turning on an inside pitch. He generally had a pretty good approach all day, collecting four hits and a walk, and driving in three. CORNER TURNED.

Alex Gordon gave the Royals their first lead of the day on a bases-loaded triple, that followed an intentional walk to pinch-hitter Billy Butler. Because Charlie Manuel had to get LOOGY Jeremy Horst in the game ("its called playing the percentages Smithers. Its what smart managers do to win games!") Horst left one at shoulder level, which seems to be Alex's hot-hot-hot-hot zone, and Gordo drove it into the gap to give the Royals a 5-4 lead.

But the big blow was a bases loaded triple down the left-field line by none other than Chris Getz. Folks, the guy hasn't hit a home run now in 900 Royals plate appearances. This will be the closest we ever see to seeing him "touch em all."


The Royals just piled it on at the end, with Alcides Escobar going yard for the first hung dong of the year for KC. The nine run lead was too large for even Luke Hochevar to blow, and our boys in blue climbed back to .500.

Are you back on the bandwagon? It leaves from the Plaza in five minutes. Get aboard.