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Game 5 Open Thread - Kansas City Royals vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Luis Mendoza vs. John Lannan. Contain your excitement.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

The Royals offense looks to build upon their impressive 13-run outburst tonight against John Lannan and the Philadelphia Phillies.

I already discussed Lannan, but forget to mention that he has shown no platoon split against right-handed hitters. The Royals are starting Miguel Tejada and Elliot Johnson tonight, stacking the lineup with right-handed hitters. I've seen people argue that the Royals should save these hitters for tomorrow when the team faces Cole Hamels, who is a much better pitcher than Lannan and also throws left-handed. Hamels actually has a reverse platoon split thanks to his changeup, so I like Yost's decision to use Tejada and Johnson tonight.

Song of the Day: The Coup - "The Guillotine"

I went to my first Sporting KC game of the season last night. The game featured few scoring opportunities for either team, but Sporting scored late on a broken play to earn themselves three points.

There was a new sign, or one I simply did not recognize at Sporting Park. It had "WE'VE GOT THE GUILLOTINE, WE'VE GOT YOUR WAR" emblazoned on it. It is definitely over-the-top, but fits in with the "Blue Hell" theme of The Cauldron.

I believe the quote is referencing the above song. I had never heard of The Coup before, but I'm now a fan.