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Game 6 Open Thread - Kansas City Royals vs. Philadelphia Phillies

The Kansas City Royals first sample of inter-league baseball this season concludes on Sunday.


The beauty of baseball is that the Kansas City Royals don't have to wait long to avenge a disappointing loss, as the team concludes it's road-trip this afternoon against the Philadelphia Phillies.

This game certainly feels more important than your average sixth game of the season. I'm sure the Royals would love to bring a .500 record into Kauffman Stadium on Monday instead of a below-500 record. Even though the difference is only one game, fans would feel better about this team if the could claim a .500 on the first road trip.

Fans are also worried about another long losing streak. Last season's 12-game losing streak started with a Jonathan Broxton implosion in the ninth inning against the Oakland Athletics, and continued throughout the team's first home stand. Although it seems incredibly unlikely that history repeats itself, Kansas City fans have been conditioned to expect the worst. It's best to nip this potential problem in the bud by beating the Phillies

Song of the Day: Atmosphere - Sunshine

A perfect song to help brighten your mood after a tough night. I'm sure there are plenty shaking off the effects of an alcohol and/or Greg Holland induced hangover this morning. Hopefully, the sun is shining bright wherever you are located for this afternoon affair.