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Preview: The Home Opener and changing the franchise

The voice of the fan could lead to the awakening of the franchise.

Jamie Squire

As the home portion of the Royals 2013 schedule opens today against the Twins, it seems a good time to visit Sam Mellinger's article from today's edition of the Kansas City Star. It's about how Royals fans have forced the powers at One Royal Way to listen, open up their wallets and field their version of a competitive team.

The theory is two events opened the eyes of Royals management.

First, the turnout and the city's support of the All-Star Game festivities last July. This showed the Glass Family that despite low attendance numbers throughout their ownership reign that there is a thirst for quality baseball. For a baseball game that becomes an event.

Second, the Chiefs struggles and the massive amount of heat they took from their fanbase for their aimless direction and paranoia shook Royals management. Obviously, as Mellinger point out, expectations across the parking lot have always been higher. However, the vitriol of the fan reaction was stunning.


I've heard the first theory about the All-Star Game enough - and from different sources - to believe it. Although it makes me sad (yet not surprised) that Royal ownership needed the All-Star Game to get their attention. Of course, if they weren't so busy canceling FanFests and if they looked beyond the bottom line of their accountant's ledger they would have seen the passion percolating.

This seems typical. Mellinger insists that David Glass isn't some absentee owner. That he's dialed in to his franchise. (Not just Mellinger says this. This is the common line of thought among those close to the team.) Yet for him to not understand - after all these years - that this city is ready to embrace quality baseball again... You can't have it both ways.