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Preview: Game VIII - The Twins of Minnesota at the Royals of Kansas City

Jeff Francoeur's Royals must seize the opportunity to devastate Mike Pelfrey. At. All. Costs.

Those steely blues will be raining down tears when Jeff Francoeur is done with them
Those steely blues will be raining down tears when Jeff Francoeur is done with them

Ever since he was a child, Jeff Francoeur has enjoyed making grown men cry. This started the first time he ruptured another man's testicle, watching as the threat from the upstart young outfielder on his middle school team dissipated with the outpouring of tears. After seeing the horror on everyone else's face, young Francoeur realized that he couldn't simply rupture the testes of every person that got in his way on the path to greatness, but Jefferson still thirsted for that feeling in a manner that can only be described as ravenous.

We could sit here in judgment, wondering what could ever have happened to a person to make him tick in such a manner, but as fans of sport we are result-oriented and care little about how winning is achieved as long as it happens. Women and children are off-limits, of course, but sport creeps into the mix when it comes to reducing a 6'7" professional athlete to blubbering tears.

Today with the help of Jeremy Guthrie, along with his supporting cast of eight other batsmen, Jeff Francoeur has his best chance in ages to reduce a grown man to a sobbing mess.

Per Alan Ferguson's AP preview found here:

Mike Pelfrey had a splendid debut for the Minnesota Twins while winning his first start since Tommy John surgery... "If I was a crier, I probably would've cried. But I don't do that too much. I was pretty proud, walking out there," Pelfrey said. "This is my reward for busting my butt."

For a man wired like Geoffrey Francoeur is wired, all it takes is seeing the "But I don't do that too much" to see, to smell the weakness in Pelfrey.

Francoeur has a hankering for Mike Pelfrey's blood, and the threat of ruptured testes looms over the Royals' clubhouse if he doesn't get what he wants.