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Game 25 Official Thread: Rays of the Bay (12-14) at Royals of the Plains (14-10)

The Royals look to make it two in a row and reclaim first place in the AL Central with a win on May Day.


Sure, it may be a Communist holiday (and I don't like communists) or a little kid thing (but I have kids and they're alright in my book), so you better take May Day seriously. Or not, your choice.

The Royals are coming off their best April since 2003 and the 2013 April seems considerably less 'fluky' than the one we enjoyed a decade ago.

It's Luis Mendoza versus Jeremy Hellickson. Check out the Game Preview for shockingly interesting tidbits you might already have known on this match-up.

The lineups:

Royals: Gordon LF, Escobar SS, Butler DH, Hosmer 1B, Cain CF, Moustakas 3B, Francoeur RF, Perez C, Johnson 2B

Rays: Jennings CF, Joyce RF, Zobrist 2B, Longoria 3B, Loney 1B, Escobar SS, Scott DH, Lobaton C, Johnson LF

By the way, not to defend Chris Getz, but I get an occasional allergic reaction from something yet unknown that will cause by hand(s), finger(s) or feet to swell up...a lot and there is not even grit in the world to make one able to play baseball in that condition. Just my two cents...carry on.