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No-Name Yankees Look Like Old Yankees in 11-6 Win Over Royals

Wade Davis makes guys like Jayson Nix and Lyle Overbay look like Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira as the Royals get routed.

Jamie Squire

Who needs Captain Derek Jeter when you have Jayson Nix?

When Wade Davis is making the average hitter against him look like Mark Teixiera, who needs Mark Teixiera? Davis came into this game with opponents hitting .344/.407/.512 and that is likely to go up as he gave up seven hits, seven runs, and two home runs in just five plus innings of work.

Davis gave up two-run dingers in the second to Ichiro Suzuki and Lyle Overbay, giving the Yankees a 4-0 lead to start with. The Royals clawed their way back, and the biggest bright spot of the game was a big three-run home run by Jarrod Dyson - JARROD DYSON of all people. Okay raise your hand if you knew that by May 10, Jarrod Dyson, George Kottaras, Elliot Johnson and Chris Getz would all have the same number of home runs as Eric Hosmer, Jeff Francoeur, and Salvador Perez. That's what power do.

After an RBI double by Overbay, the Royals tied things up on a two-run double by Alex Gordon in the fifth. At that point, it was time to yank Davis, consider yourself lucky you had a new ballgame, and let your pen out-pitch theirs.

Ah, but Ned's gotta Yost. Davis promptly gave up hits to Ichiro and Nix before Ned finally gave him the hook. Only Bruce Chen wasn't able to stop the bleeding and the Yanks put up a five spot on the board. Lyle Overbay - signed a week before the season started after the Red Sox cut him - was 4-5 with a home run and five RBI. Nix - who has played for five teams and never in more than a reserve role - was 2-3 with three runs scored. 56 year old Japanese outfielder Ichiro Suzuki was 3-5 with three runs scored. I think even Kevin Maas had an RBI double in there. It was ridiculous. It was as if the Royals looked at the interlocking N-Y and scared themselves out of contention despite the fact it was the JV team out there.

Or maybe it was just Wade Davis. Seven starts as a Royal - three pretty good ones and four really awful ones. Has anyone ever seen Davis and Luke Hochevar in the same room together?