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Game 33 Open Thread - Royals vs. Yankees

James Shields vs. Andy Pettitte

Jamie Squire

I talked about why I expect the Kansas City Royals to win tonight against the New York Yankees in the game preview, but I failed to mention that tomorrow's game should be more difficult as well. Hiroki Kuroda will start for the Yankees tomorrow, and he has pitched lights out this season. Of course, Ervin Santana has as well, and he will take the mound for Kansas City. That game seems more like a toss-up, where this one feels like a definite advantage.

In completely random news, the team released Dan Wheeler from Triple-A Omaha. Wheeler was added as bullpen depth during the off-season, but apparently was no longer needed.

I'm writing this before the official lineup comes out, but I'm assuming Jeff Francoeur is starting tonight. I'm in favor of that decision, for he should be able to hit lefties better than Jarrod Dyson. I have no idea who will start at second base, nor do I particularly care. This seems like a random Miguel Tejada game, so I will guess him, since Mike Moustakas is starting to heat up and hopefully Yost will not take him out of the lineup.

Song of the Day: Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing

Dire Straits is awesome, as is this song. Pardon to Babe Ruth, but Alex Gordon has been the Sultan of Swing the past few days. Let's hope he keeps it up