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Game 34 Open Thread - Royals vs. Yankees

Your mother wants you to cheer for the Royals.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Do we consider Elliot Johnson the Kansas City Royals starting second baseman now? Chris Getz gets to ride the pine for nine again. David Lesky of Pine Tar Press brings us the lineup today.

Anytime you get the chance to take one of your three best hitters this season out of the lineup so Jeff Francoeur can play against at a right-handed pitcher, you have to do it. Jarrod Dyson and his career .316 OBP isn't exactly ideal at the leadoff spot, but then again, neither is Alcides Escobar and his career .306 OBP.

I'd love to taunt to the New York Yankees about their lineup, but they have already won two games this series and are somehow in first place in the AL East. So I'll just step aside and let the Yankees official twitter feed bring us starting nine:

I mean, of course Vernon Wells and Lyle Overbay both have slugging percentages north of .500.

Song of the Day: Cynic - Integral Birth

The progressive metal/jazz fusion band Cynic has a title that is vaguely related to Mother's Day, so that's what I'm going with. Even though they are most famous for their debut album Focus, their second album Traced in Air, is pretty spectacular as well.