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Head west, Royals

Kansas City heads to the left coast in an attempt to wash off the stench of a 1-6 week.

A rare moment captured on digital file.
A rare moment captured on digital file.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Exactly one week ago today, the Royals held a 17-10 record, were keeping pace with the Tigers and set for a marquee pitcher's duel.

Only the pitcher's duel went as planned. And even that blew up in the face of Frank Ned Yost and company.

Here we are with one win in the last seven games. Heading west to take on the struggling Angels it feels like the fate of the 2013 season hangs in the balance. OK, that's probably hyperbole, but this is a team going down the slide with wax paper firmly attached to their ass.

To recap: Yost pulls Shields, bullpen blows game, Royals lose, team travels to Baltimore, Yost inserts Hochevar into high leverage situation, Royals lose, Moose heats up, Mendoza wild, Royals lose, Yost shakes up lineup, Gordon crushes pitch, Hosmer hits first home run of the year, Royals win, Royals return home, #BooCano, Davis struggles, Royals tie game in fifth, Yost leaves Davis in the sixth, Royals lose, senior citizen shuts down Royal bats, Shields sparkling again, Royals lose, Santana leaves two sliders up, Royal bats stay silent, Royals lose.


(I may get in touch with Billy Joel. Maybe we can set this to music.)

Tonight the Royals will send Luis Mendoza to the mound to face off against Joe Blanton. It's the kind of matchup where you'll probably want to avert your eyes. But with a pair of teams that can't get going offensively, one team will probably spit in the face of conventional wisdom and break out. At least for tonight.

Go Royals.