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Royals Review Round-up

Late game tonight! Let's take a look around the Royals Kingdom for the latest news. Dyson to see more playing time? Could Hosmer lead off? What team does Eric Stonestreet REALLY root for?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Late game tonight! That gives us a few more hours to stew in the recent sweep of the Royals by the Yankees JV squad. Here are some tidbits of knowledge dropped down to us from the Kansas City media elite.

Sam Mellinger gives a few thoughts on the Royals recent scuffling. An important point to be made - if I told you the team would be 18-16 after 34 games, you'd be pretty pleased, wouldn't you?

There's also this tidbit:

No matter what they say publicly, there are real signs the Royals are losing some patience with Chris Getz and Jeff Francoeur.

Let it be true Sam.

You can see Bob Dutton do is best "Kevin Bacon in 'Animal House'" impression when he shouts "ALL IS WELL" in this mailbag. In it, he says:

  • The leash is getting shorter on Jeff Francoeur and we should expect Jarrod Dyson to get more playing time.
  • The Royals don't see Lorenzo Cain as a leadoff hitter.
  • The Royals could be open to making a trade to improve the club, but will look at in-house alternatives first.

The Star gives this pretty meaningless list of five things the Royals could to to get back on track. How bout "score more runs than the other team?"

Rany says we need to give Dayton some credit to putting together a .500 team despite pretty much no contributions from the Best Farm System in the History of Whatever.

It’s really quite remarkable that the Royals are 17-13 despite getting virtually nothing from The Best Farm System In The History Of Baseball. Of the nine guys on Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospect list two years ago, here’s what we have: Myers, Odorizzi, and Mike Montgomery brought in Shields and Davis. Eric Hosmer is hitting .268/.339/.330. Mike Moustakas is hitting .219/.294/.333. John Lamb, Christian Colon, Danny Duffy, and Chris Dwyer have contributed nothing. So the contribution those nine guys have made on the 2013 Royals are a pair of corner infielders who haven’t hit, a #5 starter, and James Shields. This is…sub-optimal. And yet the Royals are 17-13.

He also advocates putting Hosmer in the leadoff spot. Crazy? Crazy enough too work?

Soren Petro is alarmed at the hitting, and former Royals Frank White and Mike MacFarlane give their two cents on the Royals.

"Let’s get it out of the way – (Billy Butler) is not being pitched around. Period."

Mike Macfarlane, 810 AM

Salvy Perez has been quite a "catch", writes the Star's Rustin Dodd.

Dubya lists some Royals minor league transactions from this week. What was your favorite memory of the Dan Wheeler era?

Alex Gordon is on MLB Network Radio's "Inside Pitch" right now. Tune in!

Are we going to let Eric Stonestreet get away with this kind of fandom two-timing?

Um...Billy Butler NSFW?