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Preview of Rubber Match Between Royals and Angels

Maybe this article will publish

Jeff Gross

The Royals have lost seven of their last nine games, but given up little ground in the AL Central race. That is a scenario that certainly will not last. Kansas City needs to pick up the series win against a talented but struggling Angels squad before heading to Oakland for another three game set in the world's garden spot.
With Kansas City having lost back to back starts by both James Shields and Ervin Santana and now, having lost a Jeremy Guthrie start - which was previously considered impossible, they turn to Wade Davis to pick up the win. Davis is rapidly becoming the most analyzed player on the team.

At best, one could call Davis' season inconsistent thus far. His earned run average is 5.86, his FIP is 5.00. Wade has struck out 28 in 35 innings, but allowed 50 hits. Six of those have been home runs and it has not helped that Davis has issued 15 free passes as well.

Davis started the year with a poor start, followed it up with one decent and one very good start, stunk, then stunk again, then pitched well and then did not. That's his game log - you don't need stats to tell you that's inconsistent. Hell, it is Hochevarish.

The Royals need Davis to be good for a number of reasons in the long term: the trading of Wil Myers, the long-term contract. They particularly need Wade Davis to be good tonight.

That, and some offense would be nice.

I am writing this well in advance of the lineups being announced, but with a right-hander going for the Angels, will Ned Yost revert to Monday's lineup that featured Jarrod Dyson at the top and Lorenzo Cain in right? He should and I say that as one who doesn't really think Dyson is an everyday major league player. Jarrod is, however, more of an everyday player than Jeff Francoeur currently appears to be.

Keep hope alive.