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Royals Take Series from Angels

It was a bit a marathon, but Kansas City blasts LA.

Not mentioned below, but Alex Gordon can rake.
Not mentioned below, but Alex Gordon can rake.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals erupted for seven runs in the third inning tonight (this morning) and after that it was really a question as to by how much the final margin would be.

Wade Davis was adequate, but when handed an eight run lead after two and one-half innings one would prefer the starting pitcher make it out of the sixth without giving up four runs. With the the luxury of a fresh bullpen and an off-day on Thursday, Ned Yost went to the A-team early to preserve a healthy lead. Collins faced two batters, as did Aaron Crow. Kelvin Herrera went two innings, allowing yet another home run, walking two and throwing a wild pitch and Greg Holland pitched the ninth to get some work.

Going back to the home run, for no real reason whatsoever, Jarrod Dyson ran up on the centerfield wall to get a better view of Mike Trout's ball sailing well over the fence and somehow managed to sprain an ankle coming back down. That is absolutely perfect timing when you have to believe Ned Yost was finally about to turn his back on Jeff Francoeur for at least long enough to see if this new line-up really was going to consistently score more runs.

Let's face it, folks, it was nice to score 11 runs on Monday and 9 more tonight with Dyson leading off, Cain in right and Johnson at second, but this lineup has not exactly squared off against any sort of competent major league pitching. By all means, assuming Dyson's injury is minor, the Royals should stick with it to see what happens (I mean exactly how is the team harmed offensively or defensively with Frenchy not playing?), but let's not get too excited that our boys beat the hell out of a struggling Joe Blanton and Barry Enright.

All in all, you play who the other team puts in front of you, and Kansas City went on the road and took two of three from a team that puts Trout, Pujols and Hamilton in its lineup every night. Coming on the heels of being swept at home, no one should be complaining.