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Game 40 Open Thread - Royals vs. Athletics

Luis Mendoza vs. A.J. Griffin

Ezra Shaw

David Lough is returns to the leadoff spot, but Jeff Francoeur manages to pick up a start against a right-handed pitcher anyways; Yost is giving Lorenzo Cain a day off. David Lesky of Pine Tar Press brings us today's Kansas City Royals starting lineup:

I don't mind giving Cain more days off in theory, but it's hard not to get upset whenever you see Frenchy's name in the lineup right now. George Kottaras and Chris Getz also return to the lineup today.

The Oakland Athletics lineup looks similar to the lineup they used last night. Seth Smith is getting the start in rightfield, which pushes Chris Young to centerfield and Coco Crisp to DH in place of John Jaso. San Francisco Bay-Area radio host Joe Salvatore brings us the Athletics lineup:

I'll buy Loose Seal an ice cream sandwich if Luis Mendoza shuts the Athletics down today and helps the Royals avoid the sweep.

Song of the Day: Those Poor Bastards - I Cannot Escape the Darkness

This song describes my experience as a Royals fan and how I have felt watching these past two games. Those Poor Bastards describe themselves as "Gothic Country," which places them firmly in two of the most depressing styles of music.