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Royals Look To Cool Stuff In The Hopes of Avoiding Being Thunderstruck Twice By 'Stros

Can Cool Stuff Davis beat back Bud Norris and the Astros? Hope hangs in the balance.

After having been thunderstruck by Jose Veras and the Houston Astros last night, the Royals are reeling, having recorded a mere three wins in their past 14 games and dipping below .500 for the first but likely not last time since the sixth game of the season. While the Royals had been scuffling mightily for the preceding fortnight, there was a glimmer of hope heading into the top of the ninth inning with the top of the order coming up to the plate.

Unfortunately, Jose Veras put the fear of God into the Royals as he headed to the mound with the most menacing closer introduction man, woman, or child has ever seen playing across the sparsely populated but entirely agog stadium. This included the Royals who were reduced to tittering infants at the sight and sound of a Jose Veras appearance.

With this harrowing experience fresh in their minds, the Royals will hope to overcome their potentially crippling fear, turning to Cool Stuff Davis to attempt to quell the feisty Astros. The Astros will turn to "Kenny" Bud Norris, who has never faced the Royals but has been said to have been emboldened himself by his teammate's psych-out thunderstriking, going so far as to lobby the Astros for his own special audio/visual terror-inducing introduction centered around Sufjan Stevens's "John Wayne Gacy" complete with insane animations by the team that brought you Aeon Flux.