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The Angels Are Coming to Town

The pillow fight to end all pillow fights.

Aex looks to the heavens for some offensive help.
Aex looks to the heavens for some offensive help.
Scott Halleran

Royals Line via Bob Dutton

This lineup is horrible. I went to Baseballmusing's Lineup Tool and plugged in the players' Steamers Updated Projections from FanGraphs. The updated projections take the preseason projection, this season's data and creates an updated talent level. Tonight's lineup would produce 4.40 runs per game or 712 runs over the course of a season. The ideal lineup would produce 4.58 runs per game or 742 runs for the season. It would work out to about 3 wins other the entire season. Not a lot, but still quite a bit.

Tonight, Royals will be facing off against Joe Blanton, the not so dominator.

  • Record: 0-7,
  • ERA: 6.62
  • FIP: 4.60

Maybe the Royals can get a win off him. I am even going to take one for the team tonight. I am starting him in a nearly last fantasy league tonight:


In other news, the Royals sent Herrerra to AAA and brought Louis Coleman up.

Not a real surprise considering the organizations bullpen depth.

Finally, tonight wil(l) be hosting my last game chat until school starts back up. Too many T-Ball games and kids at home to regularly put out decent material. I probably post material every once and a while, but nothing on a regular basis. Hopefully, I can start back up once school beegins.

Bonus material, post game interviews from the Cincinnati Bearcats.