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Royals Continue Tailspin At Home, Lose 5-4

Well, they sort came back.

Ed Zurga

The Royals' plane is headed downward for a meeting with the ground, but it isn't going to be just any crash. The crash will be proceed by the plane spinning around and around. Think Top Gun when Goose dies. I am not saying someone is going to die, but some heads are eventually going to roll. The problem is the pilots are trying to save a lost cause. They are holding out hope when all hope is lost.

It isn't going to be fast crash. There will be plenty of screaming, finger pointing and blame. It would be best to just get the crash over with and move on. Instead, us fans will just see the delayed, hopeless, flat spin impact.

Well, on to the game.

  • One team hits four home runs and the other none, guess which team one. Total home runs hit this season by Justin Upton and Chris Davis is 28. The entire Royals team has only hit 27. Davis and Upton were available over the last couple of off seasons.
  • Santana pitched decent with eight strikeouts and zera walks. The four home runs were killer.
  • The lineup is pathetic, but it is always going to with only 4 major league productive players in it.
  • Moose takes hacker of the game with six pitches in 2 PA. Honorable mention is Escobar with 16 seen in 5 PA.