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Bad Offense, Bad Umpiring Overcome Bad Angels Managing in 5-2 KC Loss

The Royals pop-gun offense looks absolutely anemic, and a terrible call by umpire Marty Foster didn't help things as the Royals are able to overcome stupid decisions by Mike Scioscia to lose their third in a row.

Ed Zurga

We're getting to the point where we get legitimately excited if the team scores two runs. That's a lot!

Jason Vargas has owned the Royals in his career, despite having utterly mediocre-looking stuff, and less-than-mediocre stats. Tonight was no different as the Royals came up swinging at everything. Through five innings, Vargas had only through twelve pitches total. Well not quite, but it seemed that way. Remember that meeting they had about not hacking at everything anymore? Lot of good that did.

Luis Mendoza pitched just well enough to keep the team in the game and exited stage left after five innings. The audience groaned as the understudy was announced - Luke Hochevar. Ned has maximized Luke's utility by putting him in low leverage roles, so perhaps he was confident Luke could handle a 2-1 lead in the sixth inning. Luke promptly gave up a home run to Angels catcher Chris Ianetta, then a triple to J.B. Schuck that would have almost certainly led to another run had Angels manager Mike Scioscia not inexplicably set a squeeze bunt play in motion (hey, how about trading for Scioscia?). It failed, bailing Hooch out of the inning, but his leadoff walk in the seventh would come around to score in a three-run inning that gave the Angels an insurmountable 5-2 lead.

  • Miguel Tejada hit a home run, his second of the year. It was just the Royals' second home run in their last ten games. It was the team's 28th home run of the year, three more than Miami, the worst home-run hitting team in all of baseball. Eight teams have twice as many home runs, including the Angels.
  • Getzie had an RBI single out of the leadoff spot. Ned validated, right? Bob Dutton dropped this bit of knowledge on us:
  • So its like Alex is the two-out rally leadoff man!

  • Mike Trout tried to steal on Salvador Perez and this was the result. YOU make the call. Out or safe?



Safe of course. Clearly Trout is touching the bag with his hand in Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility. Good thing umpire Marty Foster was aware of that fact or he would have embarrassed himself. That would be the winning run. Ah, the "human error" is one of those quaint little aspects of baseball.