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Game 46 Open Thread - Royals vs. Angels

Jeremy Guthrie vs. Billy Buckner

Ed Zurga

The Kansas City Royals play an afternoon game at home on Saturday against the Los Angeles Angels. The Royals normally play at 6:10 on Saturdays, but the team is hosting it's annual Faith and Family Day event. Luke Hochevar, Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton will talk to the fans after the game, and David Crowder will put on a concert.

The first 10,000 fans at the game will also receive a Ketchup Bobblehead, so I'm pretty sure if you are going to the game your ticket is worth it's weight in gold.

Does the Royals lineup even matter at this point? Instead of looking at that literary monstrosity, let's read a wonderful sentence by Bob Dutton in his game recap from last night, relayed to us by Kevin Agee.

Dutton deserves a better team than the Royals have given him during his career. We all do.

Song of the Day: The Pogues - If I Should Fall from Grace with God

Seems fitting for multiple reasons. Go Royals