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Game 47 Open Thread - Royals vs. Angels

Desperation in May. Not good.

Ed Zurga

The Kansas City Royals will look to avoid being swept at home by the Los Angeles Angels today and inspire some confidence in a battered fanbase that this team can turn the season around.

Wade Davis will take the mound for the Royals, which will only drive most of the team's fans into more despair. Davis has pitched poorly this season, posting a 5.91 ERA in his first nine starts of the season. Big Trade Wade has struck out 16.7% of the hitters he has faced this season, which is below league average, and walked 10.2% of the hitters he has faced, which is above league average.

Davis is likely to pitch somewhat better as the season progress, as his .400 BABIP is unsustainably high. Still, Wade Davies sports a 4.98 FIP, 4.70 SIERA and 4.46 xFIP. Unless he starts walking less batters or missing more bats, he will pitch at a below-average level for the rest of the season.

The Kansas City lineup doesn't inspire much confidence either, as Chris Getz continues to leadoff. David Lesky brings us today's lineup

Elliot Johnson is filling in for Mike Moustakas, so that's something.

The Angels are starting right-handed pitcher Jerome Williams, who has been in the major-leagues since 2003 , but I have no recollection of ever watching him pitch. Williams currently owns a 2.53 ERA, but he doesn't project to pitch nearly that effectively moving forward.

Williams has only fanned 15.4% of the hitters he has faced this season, but does own a below-average walk percentage, 6.4%. The veteran has survived thrived this season by limiting hits, his BABIP is .245, and by limiting home runs, as his HR/FB ratio is 5.9%.

The right-handed pitcher is due for regression; his 4.22 xFIP and 4.18 SIERA reveal that Williams is a mediocre an average starter (h/t to Gopherballs). Given the Royals offensive struggles of late, he still seems destined for a quality start today.

The Angels lineup looks fairly similar to last night's, except Chris Iannetta is starting at catcher instead of Hank Conger. Los Angeles Times beat writer Mike DiGiovanna brings us their lineup:

Los Angeles has won 7 games in a row, while the Royals have lost 15 out of their last 19. I'm not feeling great about the team's chances.

Song of the Day: Flametal - Bruja Tortura

Flametal mix flamenco styled guitars with hard rock/heavy metal to make a unique and interesting sound. The band can be very hit or miss, especially with their songs that include vocals, "Bruja Tortura" is an awesome songs that reveals their style of music at it's finest.

I hope you manage to enjoy your Sunday, regardless of how the Royals play today.