Know A (Potential) Future Royal: Hunter Renfroe

Heading up to the draft I thought it would be fun to look at some realistic options for the Royals picks. I plan on doing our 1st round picks (#8 and #34) and our 2nd round one as well (#46)

Today we'll outline Hunter Renfroe OF from Mississippi State


The Info:

Position: OF/C
Height: 6-1
Weight: 216
Bats/Throws: R-R
Birthdate: Jan. 28, 1992
College: Mississippi State

The Tools:

Hit: 40-55

Average hit tool. Probably won't ever hit for a high average in the majors but his power should make up for that. Peak years probably looking at a .270-.280 season but could have a .290 outlier. His biggest struggle now is pitch recognition. Opposing pitchers can throw him offspeed stuff and he struggles with it. Simply just an aspect of his game he can improve through more and more at-bats.

Power: 70-70

His best asset. Is a 30+ homerun hitter in his prime. Sells out for power on occasions and whiff rates will probably always be there, but like most big sluggers should be able to overcome that with tremendous power.

Speed: 60-60

He runs pretty good for a big man and does well on the basepaths. Probably won't ever steal for more than 10 stolen bases in a season, but speed shouldn't be a liability for Renfroe and won't clog the bases. I've heard different gradings for his speed and have seen him graded out as high as 65 at it, but I think that's a bit optimistic. (I know I'm nit-picking between 60 and 65)

Arm: 65-65

His best asset after his power. Real strong cannon of an arm. Will pair well with his defense and should be an at least average right fielder.

Range: 55-60

His decent speed helps him play the outfield at a good pace and surely won't be a liability out there. Won't win a gold glove more than likely, but pairing his arm and range will make for a good rightfielder.

The Ranking:

Overall: Would instantly be a Top-5 prospect for the Royals.

Hitter: Would be the best hitting prospect for the Royals

Position: Depending on how much you like Bubba Starling, Renfroe would either be the #1 OF or #2 but Top 2 no question. Bubba has the better overall tools, but Renfroe is more advanced and not as raw.

The Comp: Corey Hart or Jay Bruce. High HR totals, decent average, decent amount of strikeouts, decent defense (unlike Hart).

The Draft: Probably won't fall outside of the Top 10 and guaranteed won't fall outside of the Top 15. Royals could take him at #8 overall and be just fine with that pick. Wouldn't be a reach, doesn't have signability concerns, and is an impact talent.

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