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A very Royal Memorial Day

The Royals don't take a holiday as they provide more of the same in a 6-3 loss to the other team from Missouri.

Ed Zurga

Same old story for these Royals. The starting pitching is regressing to the mean. The power is still nonexistent. Royals fans stayed away from The K and as a result, the stadium was infiltrated by the enemy fans.

Just another Memorial Day in Kansas City.

I'm not one of those who cares that more fans from the other team inhabit The K on occasion. That's what happens when you routinely finish in the lower portion of your division for the better part of 25 years. I always thought this problem would take care of itself: When the team started to win, it would simply go away.

Except the Royals aren't winning.

I found myself thinking back to last summer. The All-Star Weekend. And how, allegedly, the Royals ownership was astounded at the turnout and the energy the fans brought to the events. This was supposedly an eye-opening experience for the Glass family. Somehow, despite owning the team for almost 15 years and being the caretaker for nearly 20, David Glass and his family were ignorant to the passion for this team that has been bubbling under the surface. It's no secret fans support a winner. That's true in every major league city. Give fans a quality product and they will throw their support behind you. (Ignore for a moment how patently insane this entire paragraph sounds. Just hang with me.)

Except somehow, Glass and his family missed the signs this fanbase was ready to embrace this team. For years. Suddenly, the awakening happened. And the general manager was tasked with getting his charges in position to win now. The Process may not deliver post season baseball in 2013, but the expectation was a competitive team. It was time. All in.

And the general manager's plan was flawed.

Forget about The Trade for a moment. It's not about any one single move. It's about a series of moves that encapsulates a philosophy that is rotten. The Process is broken. It has been for a long time.

And now, in this season where it was all supposed to come together for a run at October, it's not even the first of June and the stadium was filled with Cardinal fans.

Mr. Glass, you should be ashamed of your franchise.

On to the notable moments of the game. They're not highlights. Because nothing this team does is considered highlight-worthy:

-- The Royals collected 13 hits. Twelve of them were singles. Of course.

-- The Royals did not collect a walk.

-- Miguel Tejada saw seven pitches in four plate appearances.

-- James Shields couldn't command his fastball and issued four walks in six innings. His Game Score of 29 was his worst showing since a start against the Red Sox last July 15 where he finished with a 23.

-- David Lough had the first four-hit game of his major league career.