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Royals Host Cards, But What About GOB?

We could wonder who this Tyler Lyons guy is or talk about Tony Wonder.

Sally Sitwell (L) and Tony Wonder (R)
Sally Sitwell (L) and Tony Wonder (R)

We could look to this game against the Royals' cross-state "rivals" as a contest with meaning, but who would we be kidding? The Royals are spiraling out of control, hope for a meaningful firing becomes more real with each passing day, and even the most blindly optimistic fans are turning away from the dumpster fire that is Royals baseball by the end of May.

So yes, the Cardinals come to town in a strange pairing of back-to-back two game series, but what does that matter when we've got 15 whole episodes of Arrested Development to talk about? Since Friday (so over the course of four days), I burned through the last 48 episodes of Arrested's original run and watched the entire fourth season that just premiered on Netflix this weekend. Given the ridiculously high expectations and the limitations of trying to film around such a large cast's varying availabilities, Mitchell Hurwitz and crew found an interesting (if slightly uneven) way to unfurl a season of television at the masses that at the very least stayed true to the characters that so many of us grew to love dysfunctionally while making damn sure to be just as rewarding to the devoted fanbase. If you thought the first three seasons were layered and labyrinthine in structure, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Or we could talk about the Royals, who have won four games in the past three weeks. Personally, that sounds like a terrible idea. If you're talking about any specific plot points in the new season of Arrested Development, please use the spoiler black-box feature to shield others from that which they may not have seen.