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Royals Drop Game of the Century to Cardinals 4 - 1

In a shocking turn of events, the Royals have troubles scoring runs, and their starting pitcher gives up multiple home runs to the visiting [insert name of opposing team here].

He blew. Himself.
He blew. Himself.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

I could feign indignation or anger in trying to sum up tonight's game, but what's the point? The Royals offense didn't even sputter. Ervin Santana shockingly (for those who don't pick up on sarcasm well when written, it's being employed with the word "shockingly") gave up three home runs, but two of them were solo shots, so they don't count. Unless you look at the scoreboard. Or the box score. For those keeping track at home, those were his 11th, 12th, and 13th allowed, tying him with Matt Cain for second-most home runs allowed in baseball and leaving him behind only Jeremy Guthrie.

If I'm sounding like a broken record, it's because the Royals are a broken record. Or at least a tied one.

The Royals struggles this season are most frustrating because they were so easy to forecast. The problems from last year on offense carried over to this year because the complete lack of turnover from last year's starting lineup to this year's shockingly did not yield different results. The pitching is serviceable, but the pitchers that were signed/re-signed/acquired are shockingly giving up home runs at the rates that anyone with access to full-season stats for the past four years could have foreseen.

The Royals now find themselves shockingly in the throes of a now-seven-game losing streak and are in the midst of a particularly putrid 4 - 19 [Correction: 4 - 18] stretch.

This was all so predictable, and this season's failures could have been avoided if a certain General Manager whose track record does not support continued employment in his current position had been sent packing when it was warranted at any point in the past three or four years. This was but one game of many, but this is how they are all playing out now, and this is exactly how they're likely to continue playing out.

Tune in tomorrow for a recap about a game that surely ends up having the same outcome as this one.

Futility now!

The Royals needs #anustart.