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Yost: ‘What are you asking me to do? Take my belt off and spank them?’

Ned is getting prickly. Is he feeling his seat getting warm?

Ed Zurga

The Royals dropped their eighteenth game in twenty-two tries Tuesday, sliding back into last place. After last night's loss Manager Ned Yost was particularly prickly when pressed again by the vicious Kansas City media. Bob Dutton with the money quote:

The thought of Ned Yost bending Mike Moustakas over his knee provides me with giddiness. Make it so Uncle Ned.

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I applauded Moore for acting boldly. Some in the industry thought that he acted too soon. Whatever, Moore now needs to realize that his career, too, is at stake. The Royals have yet to produce a winning season since he took over on June 8, 2006. No active GM has a losing streak that long.

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Royals match club record for consecutive home losses (set last year!)

Ned Yost nabbed at Chiefs practice for trying to take a peek. MLB also made him take a drug test, not surprising considering the lineups he's been writing lately.

The 19th pick from last year's draft - Michael Wacha - will start Thursday against the Royals. But it takes Dayton over seven years to develop a starting pitcher.

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SB Nation Consensus Mock Draft List. The draft is next Thursday, June 6.

Arrested Development, MLB, and Huge Mistakes. Guess what GM is involved? Like I'm really going to play Wil Myers in this $5,000 suit. COME ON!

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