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College World Series Regional - Manhattan, KS (Final Update)

I am headed home.

I will be scouting part of the college regional in Manhattan, KS this weekend. I will just update this thread with my latest take. Here is the game schedule:

Game One: Friday (5/31) -Kansas State: 20, Wichita State 11, 2 p.m
Game Two: Friday (5/31) - No. 2-seed Arkansas vs. No. 3-seed Bryant, 7 p.m.

Game One: Kansas State: 20, Wichita State 11

I have seen both teams part at least a couple times during the season, so no real surprises. Wichita State came out excited with more noise coming from their fans than I saw at any home game during the season. The excitement ended in the bottom of the first inning when K-State score 9 runs and Wichita St. went through 3 pitchers. The game was basically over then.

Here are a few notes on possible draft picks

  • WSU's Cale Elam and Albert Minnis faced a total of 13 and only generated 2 outs. They were not helped one bit by their porous defense.
  • Jared King had no hits, but was walked 3 times.
  • WSU's Tanner Dearman showed some great range, but once the ball was in his glove, he just couldn't execute.
  • Johnny Coy can rip a ball if he makes contact, but is slower than Billy Butler.
  • Thrid baseman, RJ Santigate of KSU made some great plays at 3B, but his arm may only translate to 2B in the majors.

In just unrelated information Wichita State did hit six batters.

Game Two: Bryant 4, Arkansas 1

Bryant basically came out and matched Arkansas pitch for pitch, played great D and got the win.

Draft players of note from Arkansas (Bryant did have much except pitcher Peter Kelich who was a little bulldog out there pitching):

  • Dominic Ficociello - 1B- JR - I have seen his name on a few draft sheets and have no idea why. Billy Butler (pick on Billy night) has left more meat on a BBQ rib than he had on his body. He sets up in a wide, bow legged stance. His bat speed was good. He played + defense at 1B, but it was at 1B.
  • Barrett Austin - RHP JR - He pitched a pretty good game. Seven strikeouts tot go with 0 walks. He throws out of a high 3/4 release. He relied on a fastball which cut to the 3B side. Also, he had a nice curve around 83 mph. He attacked hitters with strikes. Seemed to throw better out of the stretch vice wind up. His bio puts him at 6'1" which I found a little generous.
  • Brian Anderson - LF - He was probably the best player on Arkansas. Was a good defender in LF with a good accurate arm. Could add a few pounds. He had a good stance with a too much bat movement and too much pre-loading as the only issues.

Game Three: Saturday (6/1) - Arkansas 3 Wichita State 1

It was a better game for scouting. The spots behind home plate were open with K-State not playing. About two dozen scouts were there including one from the Cubs (2nd pick) for an inning or two. There was a some early entertainment when an Arkansas fan, who had a few too many Bloody Marys to start the day, got kicked out and his family went along with him.


I was pretty much only watching Stanek and here are my thoughts:

  • Big right-handed pitcher who throws out of the 3/4 delivery. He is on the complete 3B side of the rubber and throws a little across the plate, not straight at the plate. His motion is extremely fluent and he doesn't seem to be working at all out there.
  • His motion/results didn't change much when he pitched from the stretch and the windup. Didn't get flustered with men on base.
  • His fastball was in the 92-96 mph range. It has a cuts a bit to the 3B side. With his across motion, it ends up coming straight over the plate.
  • His slider was around 86 mph. He really had problems getting his breaking pitch of the plate. He ended up walking six batters and only struck out three. He seemed to be a thrower and couldn't pitch to the edge of the plate.
  • He threw 113 pitches and completely lost control when he walked the last batter he faced. Royal ready.

Overall, I was impressed. With the draft happening in soon, I will put up a ranking of the players I have seen in the next few days and he will be near the top.


Game Four: Saturday (6/1) - Kansas State vs. Bryant, 7 p.m.

Game Five: Sunday (6/2) - Game Three winner vs. Game Four loser, 2 p.m.

Game Six: Sunday (6/2) - Game Four winner vs. Game Five winner, 7 p.m.

Game Seven (if necessary): Monday (6/3) - Game Four winner vs. Game Six winner, 7 p.m.