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James Shields Watches Royals Screw Up Game For Him in 2-1 Loss

The Royals put up one measly run and blow a 1-0 ninth inning lead for Big Game James as the White Sox salvage the series.


Well, we traded away the best hitting prospect in the game for Big Game James, who has been everything advertised and more. James was on fire again today, throwing eight shutout inings on just two hits (one of which was dubious anyway). The trouble is, he now plays for the Royals. And the Royals looked a bit like the old Royals around him today:

  • After a first inning RBI double by Billy Butler, the Royals offense was completely shut down. Chris Sale retired fifteen straight at one point, and the Royals only had one runner in scoring position after the second inning.
  • James Shields had a no-hitter going until the sixth inning when GOLD GLOVE AWARD WINNING OUTFIELDER Jeff Francoeur allowed a catchable fly ball to fall harmlessly to the ground.
  • Ned pulled James Shields after eight innings and 102 pitches. Greg Holland was squeezed by the umpire, but also gave up three straight hits. He almost managed to work his way out of the jam by inducing Paul Konerko into a double play. But a walk to Conor Gillespie led to a grounder up the middle that Chris Getz bobbled when he could have forced the runner at second. While he atoned for it by nailing the runner taking the turn at third (Chicago was awful on the basepaths all day), a run scored to tie the game.
  • Kelvin Herrera then allowed an eleventh inning dong to light hitting Jordan Danks (brother of pitcher Jon).
  • The Royals could muster zero offense in extra frames, and the game was over. By the standards of those old school types that still cling to "win-loss" records for pitchers, James Shields had failed.

Well we didn't sweep the hated Sox, but the Royals finish the homestand 4-1 and head to Baltimore a game out of first. Time to head to Charm City for what will be a preview of the most shocking American League Championship Series of all-time.