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New Lineup Sparks Royals to 6-2 Win

.... and the home runs helped.

Rob Carr

Guthrie wins in his return to Baltimore by allowing only 2 runs. Three home runs provided enough offense. Nice win by the boys in blue to stop the three game slide.


  • This was the Royals 2nd three HR game of the season. The other was the second half of the Boston double header.
  • While not dominating, Guthrie was effective. He allowed 3 K, 3 BB, 7 Hits, but only 2 runs. Pitch to the score.
  • The bullpen was lights outs. In 3 IP, Crow, Herrerra and Hochevar had 5K, no BB and one hit. About time.
  • Hosmer finally gets his first HR.
  • Getz and Escobar was the only Royals to not get a hit. Moose was the only Royal to walk all evening.
  • Hacker of the game. Frenchy saw 8 pitches in 4 plate appearances. Perez was right behind him with 9 pitches seen.
Bonus material

Harold Reynolds defending Wins